Thursday, 26 July 2012

hard life

life is hard when you cant love your child like you want to everyday. My daughter deserves all my unconditional love and protection I have for her. I just find it completely unbelievable that these people dont seem to value what we have. Our unbreakble bond. We will always pine for eachother. you could never find a sibling relationship that is closer. But we are very limited within our environment. It is like we are kept in a cage and gourped at ... the staff are nice in the centre. Though me, mum and Gracie spend every week just couped up in a room... 3 hours a week is all I get with my daughter. Because I love her that much that I ran away with Gracie, so that me and Gracie could be together. My love for my daughter and our bond can never be broken. You cannot force my child to forget me. You are just depriving my daughter. All day will she wish I was with her.. all day and every day you deprive my child by keeping her away from me...

The thing is that they dont even seem to notice or care... or both!!!

or Gracie would be with me... If they really cared for my daughter in every possible way like only I do, then they would be doing everything to keep me and Gracie together. They would be saying look what this mummy has to offer her daughter and look how much she loves her... instead they say we are still going to keep that child away from her mummy... punish the child... all the time... that is what you do to my baby girl... you deprive her... anyway... I wont go away and I wont shut up.... here is the beginning of an interview I did with Nathan a few months ago...

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