Saturday, 14 July 2012

police caused me most violence i ever experianced

A man was telling me insane things and it was really scary, he was telling me all sorts of predictions and getting me to sit there with him and imagine these things in my head!!! he really scared me. So I went to the police for help... what did they do to me you wonder?? on the 28th January 2011 .... A nice 28 year old mother who has a degree in computer science and tought piano for 7 years.. was a full time mum and righfully concerned about the horrific things this man was telling me....

you what they did?? I will tell you what they did!!!

They called me crazy and pinned me to the floor.. 4 police officers... and then they threw me in a mental home!!!... They squashed my head into the floor and stud on my back... they bruised all my kneck and back and arms.... then they put handcuffs on me with my hands all twisted... I was crying and saying !! how can I play the piano now?? please undo my handcuffs!! they just looked at me with evil eyes...!!!!!

that is the help I got when I went to the police.... treated like a criminal!!!!

Though it does not end there oh no!!!! now a year and a half later... I dont have my child with me!!!!

so they destroyed my life!!! I have never lived with my daughter since the day I went to the police station!!!

that is what they did to me

so I ran away... from the hospital with my daughter.... I could not sleep, breath, think without being with my baby and no fresh air... nothing... locked awayyyyyyy..... metal on the windows... no escape.... cos I went the police for help!!!!

So i ran away... from the advice of the bad man...
oh but they where not telling me this man was bad oh no!!! the people in the hospital where telling me this man was generous for buying everyone pizza... that I should not let anyone take advantage of him... that is what the staff at the mental hospital where telling me....

they pushed me closer to this crazy man... they locked me away and seperated me from my daughter... they bruised me all over my body... caused me the most hurt and pain I have ever experianced in my life... and you know what!!!! I dont have my baby... after all that!!1 what did I get from the system when I asked for help?? life destruction!!! that is what I got.

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