Saturday, 14 July 2012

Revenge of Love

So yes I was very upset, I was still being told horrible predictions by this crazy man, I was scared of both the police and this man. ...

A lot has happened... once I got home I made some videos... I am disgusted at the way I have been treated... tried to treat me like trash... just label me insane and unfit mother and everything is okay... well it is not okay... I was naive in trusting the police and the insane man....

The police never cared about us!!! now I understand why there are so many riots... So I made this video... I believe in love ..... so I want to do things right... I was not going to show this but what do I have to loose?? they already took my baby... I only see her once a week!!!!

they pin me down again for telling the truth!!! is it okay for the police to just be violent with us like this?? I thought it was against the law... seems that they can just do what they want, and they do and they sucseed. look at me and my life!!

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