Monday, 23 July 2012

In Shock

To be honest I have been in shock since January 28th 2011. The day the police pinned me to the floor and threw me in a mental home. I felt like I was in some sort of a nightmare. Oh the pain in my heart from being seperated from my daughter. I was just crying constantly for days. I was that bad they had to give me 3 riazipans when usually they give patients half. That was just so I could function without crying constantly. I am some what out of the shock now, I have come to terms with this is how the system treats us.

I was shocked because I thought they would be humane and have respect for me. I have always been an excellent mummy, I was still sleeping in the same bed as my daughter when they seperated us. That pain, I know what it means when people say they are heart broken.

I was silly for listening to that man but he was telling me really scary things and I went to the police for help. They should of given me some help and not locked me away!!!

I am an educated woman with good morrals. Besides I got over the dellusion last year and have learnt many lessons. There is no reason why I cant have Gracie now. There was never any reason for them to do what they did to me.

Gracie would never ever everrr come to any harm while being in my care and that is a fact!! she is my Angel. She never did come to any harm but they talk about emotional Risk!!! the amount of damage they have done to my Angel on so many levels is unbelievable. I could not even begin to express what they have done. Everything I spent my time protecting Gracie from, they put her through. They destroyed everything, luckily my Angel has been able to see me a bit and still gets my guidance and love and she is so strong. I am so proud of my Angel she has been through so much and handled it all so bravely....

She deserves to be with her mummy, that is all she ever wants... please people sign my petition:
thank you soo much x


  1. every girl needs their mommy and for them to take your babygirl away from you like that isnt fair! i wish i was there to help you get ur baby back!i will keep you in my prayers to help you get your babygirl back!!!

  2. ive saw your videos on youtube, you love your daughter so much.. and you should have your daughter! ever baby needs their mother and its not right for her not to have you!! you will get her back, keep your head held high, think positive and you will have you baby back!!

  3. Thank you for your comments, it is so sweet what you say and also very true. My daughter does need her mummy and to experiance my love everyday and not just 2 hours a week. She deserves the best and I always gave it to her and I always will... They had nothing bad to say about me in court so they tried to make me look bad by saying that I brushed my daughters hair too much and brought her too many presents and that I dressed her up as a princess too much cos it was every time I saw her... I just believe my baby deserves the best and that I will always give her...

    Thank you for your support I will keep it in my heart and it is greatly apreciated..

    Do not worry as I am working on a new video for Gracie now and I do intend to make it the best so this should be done soon... I am still filming at the moment so it wont be done for probably a week or so...

    thank you for all your prayers and nice words x